Positivity crucial during Covid-19 lockdown, says Reds skipper Hendo

Jordan Henderson

Staying positive is the key to getting through the period of isolation currently being undertaken by many around the globe. That’s according to Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson, who has been speaking about just how he is managing to cope with the lockdown brought about by the onset of the coronavirus crisis.

Reds captain Hendo and his team-mates were heading towards a first Premier League (top flight) title in 30 years when the Covid-19 pandemic meant that football had to be halted — and the whole way we live our lives changed dramatically. Jurgen Klopp’s players are at home trying to stay in shape both mentally and physically with an eye on the resumption of top-fight hostilities and getting back to their bid to lay hands on the top-flight crown.

The table-topping Kop kings were 25 points ahead of Manchester City, sitting in second place, when the proceedings were brought to a sudden halt. Speculation still surrounds the future of the remainder of this season with some pundits suggesting it is made null and void, while others putting forward the notion that the remaining games can go ahead — behind closed doors — after a period of time has passed.

Time will tell as to how the season eventually pans out but for the time being Hendo says he is rising to the challenge at keeping on top of it all from home. Speaking to the cub’s official website, the England midfield ace said:

“It’s a totally different test. My biggest downs in my career up until this point were obviously injury, I would say. That was the hardest thing for me to deal with personally, but this is a different challenge.”

The former Sunderland schemer say that the time sway from the game has allowed him to enjoy time with his family — and that helps him stay in a positive frame of mind. He added:

“It’s something that I’ve never been able to do before, so I’m just trying to take a lot of the positive things around it. I’ve really enjoyed being with the kids every day, helping them with their school work and things that I wouldn’t normally do. I’ve just tried to do it as much as I can and enjoy it.

“But when it is 24-seven it can be challenging at times as everybody will know! But I’ve just tried to enjoy this period that we’re going to get. I know it will be for a long period, of course, but just stay positive and try to enjoy it as much as I can because I’ve never really had a block of time like this to be with the kids and my wife for a long time.”