souness playing for liverpool

Club Legend – Graeme Souness

When it comes to thinking about Graeme Souness and his relationship with Liverpool Football Club, it is best to think of him as two different people. Souness the player was one of the best midfielders that the club ever had, being combative and strong in the challenge, always happy to defend his teammates and let […]

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gerard houllier banner on anfield stadium tour

Club Legend – Gérard Houllier

Born on the 3rd of September 1947, Gérard Houllier originally trained as a schoolteacher. His work took him to England, working as an assistant in the Liverpool school of Alsop Comprehensive. It was whilst there that he first attended matches at Anfield, watching the Reds thrash Irish team Dundalk 10-0 on the 16th of September […]

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paisley gateway anfield liverpool fc

Club Legend – Bob Paisley

Following Bill Shankly was seen as being a poisoned chalice by many in the world of football. The Scot had revolutionised Liverpool, turning the Reds from a team bouncing between divisions into one of the best sides in the country. He established Liverpool as a force on the domestic front, putting the groundwork in place […]

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anfield kop stand viewed from main stand with artificial lights on grass

Kit Managers to Sports Scientists: Roles that Make the Magic Happen from Behind the Scenes at Liverpool FC

While a whole lot of credit should go the way of the coaching staff and football stars, they are the ones on the field performing, it’s important to recognise that they aren’t doing their thing in a vacuum. Behind the players, coaching staff and manager are a whole army of dedicated individuals working on all […]

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When Everton Played At Anfield

Mention Anfield to the majority of football supporters from around the world and they will know exactly who plays there. The home of Liverpool Football Club since its formation in 1892, Anfield has grown to become one of he most famous stadiums on the planet. Known for its incredible atmosphere, especially on European nights, the […]

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michael owen training with manchester united

Which Players Have Played For Both Liverpool & Manchester United?

When it comes to rivalries, Liverpool fiercest rivals will always be Everton. With the clubs being located so close to each other, separated only by Stanley Park, and families often split down the middle in terms of who everyone supports, it is not all that surprising that most Reds will always consider the Blues the […]

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peter beardsley playing for liverpool

Which Players Have Played For Both Liverpool & Everton?

For a long time, the Merseyside derby was known as ‘the friendly derby’, largely on account of the fact that people would come from the same family and support either team. Mum and dad could be a Red and a Blue, with kids picking one or the other. Grandma might be an Evertonian and grandad […]

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liverpool war memorial

Liverpool FC During The Wars

The world is an ever-developing place, which was especially the case during the early part of the 20th century. Though wars had always been fought across various continents, the development of both transport and weaponry meant that this could be pushed even further during the 1900s. The First World War broke out in 1914, with […]

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if you are second you are nothing bill shankly graffiti on a wall

Bill Shankly’s Most Famous Football Quotes

Elsewhere on this site you’ll be able to read all about Bill Shankly and his time at Liverpool. Generally considered to be the founder of the modern day version of the football club, a statue of Shankly proudly stands outside the Kop and is where many supporters congregate both before and after matches. Part of the […]

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var referee working in var control room

Liverpool’s Worst VAR Decisions

Refereeing has always been an integral part of football, whether we like it or not. When a decision goes in your team’s favour, the referee could be carried out of the ground on a sedan chair. When they make a decision that is to the detriment of your club, however, they might as well try […]

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