Behind the Badge: Peter Lynch

Behind the Badge


Peter Lynch

Supported club?


How long?

I’ve supported the club for as long as I can remember, yet as a 21-year-old, I obviously haven’t enjoyed much success throughout that time period!

What began the support?

My dad and older brother are both huge Liverpool fans, so it made sense for me to follow in their footsteps. My earliest memory involves watching Michael Owen’s 100 Liverpool goals on video over and over again. Since then, the club has had countless world class strikers, and as a young striker for my local team, I simply wanted to emulate their success over the years.

Why have you stuck with them?

It’s been an incredibly hard journey, especially considering the success the club had over the centuries, which stands in stark contrast to the lack of trophies throughout my lifetime. However, I still idolised players like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, the one-club men, and loved what they were doing at Liverpool, regardless of whether or not they were winning trophies. Also, my two best friends at primary school were huge Manchester United fans, so it felt amazing getting one over them every time we beat them!

Best thing about supporting them?

There are many wonderful things about supporting such a wonderful club, but I simply can’t look past the fans. I genuinely think they are up there with some of the best in the world, and their passion and the noise they make – especially at Anfield – is just simply incredible.

Greatest memory?

I have several amazing memories as a Liverpool fan, like Istanbul and ‘The Gerrard Final’, yet my greatest memory was at my first European game at Anfield. A Europa League tie with Napoli in 2010, who went 1-0 up through Ezequiel Lavezzi – who was joined up front by Edinson Cavani – yet nobody could have guessed what would happen next. Steven Gerrard was introduced to the youthful and inexperienced side to try and salvage a result, and instead of scoring just one to even things up, the skipper banged in a hat-trick to lead his beloved club to an unthinkable 3-1 victory.

What makes your club special to you?

Once again the fans cannot be overlooked, and it’s an honour to be a part of such a special group.

Best player?

I can’t believe I have to choose between Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, but the former has to be the best ever in my lifetime. Torres was an unbelievable player and a true idol of mine, the way he found the net with ease and how he just clicked with the rest of the team, yet you simply cannot look past Gerrard, can you? A true footballing legend, and a loyal one, an aspect that is sadly non-existent in modern football.

Worst memory?

Sadly, there have been one too many bad memories, especially in recent seasons, but honestly any time we lose against Man United is perhaps the worst of the worst. Back in the days when Wayne Rooney was scoring past Jerzy Dudek, or when guys like Mikaël Silvestre was popping up and scoring last-minute winners, those were bad, bad days.

First shirt?

I can’t even remember the year it was, but I remember my first shirt was a Reebok home kit with Carlsberg written across the front, and of course, LYNCH 7 on the back…I was seven at the time, so I guess it was the 2003/04 season. A classic red Liverpool home jersey.

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