9 Ways Your Other Half Can Relax While You Watch The Football

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What a dramatic start to yesterday’s premiership opener. We witnessed a seven goal attacking thriller which kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire match.

We know there’s nothing worse than trying to watch the game with someone who doesn’t like it or isn’t interested. Is your other half one of those people?

We found this infographic which will keep them busy with a great selection of relaxing activities which will allow you to watch this thrilling season unfold.


Relaxation Day – 9 Ways Your Other Half Can Relax While You Watch The Football by Jacamo.co.uk

It suggests activities such as yoga, sunbathing (not recommended in December!), meditation, read a good book, self-massage, listen to music, phone a friend, a relaxation bath or take a ninety-minute power nap!

Not only will these be a treat for your other half, getting them involved with these activities will mean you’ll have at least the 90 minutes by yourself to chill and enjoy the game in peace. So grab your favourite hoodie or tracksuit top, or show your support for your football team by wearing their shirt.

If the opening match is anything to go by its obviously going to be a thriller of a season and one where you will want to watch as many matches as possible and use the tip and tricks on this infographic to buy yourself some time.