Friends Of Liverpool

After Liverpool’s latest flirtation with disaster in the FA Cup with AFC Bournemouth, winning 2-0.

You could nearly smell the players desire for new blood in the team. No, not from Martin Skrtel’s  head-wound, more from the distinct lack of new players to bolster the Reds in the months ahead.

Without Suarez & Sturridge we are beginning to look like a very ordinary team. Gerrard sitting deep looks like something Brendan Rodgers is going to persist with, that’s fine if you have Lucas to support him in that role otherwise, we will struggle to remain in fourth at the end of the Season which started so brightly for us.

Salah would have been nice, Coutinho is suffering from too much game-time at the moment. Yann M’Villa would be great as a defensive midfielder, but will that happen? At this stage, I doubt any tranfers will be forthcoming.

Yes, it is a hard-time to do proper business but Liverpool badly need cover.

4th is at stake.