Month: August 2023

stan collymore scores against newcastle 4-3

Liverpool’s Best Comebacks Of The Premier League Era

There is something about Liverpool Football Club that means that the Reds should never be written off. It can seem as though defeat is all but guaranteed, only for the team to dig deep and find a way to win, even against all odds. The most obvious example of this was the Champions League victory […]

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Kenny Dalglish

Club Legend: Kenny Dalglish

If you want to talk about Liverpool Football Club, you have to talk about Sir Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish. Whilst Bill Shankly will always be considered the father of modern day Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish is something akin to a favourite uncle. Born on the fourth of March 1951, Dalglish grew up in the Scottish city of Glasgow […]

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kop close up lots of flags and banners

Liverpool Football Club Famous Songs And Chants

Whilst Scouse exceptionalism is something that really annoys fans of other clubs, the reality is that the atmosphere at Anfield can genuinely be a big difference maker in the matches that matter. No, the Kop isn’t going to get up for a game against Wolverhampton Wanderers on a Saturday afternoon, but put the Reds in […]

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