Spurs Review and Southampton Preview by @DanVanderkamp

The Kop Table Interview

Peter talks to Dan Vanderkamp about this weeks events at LFC …

Hello again Dan, firstly it was a crazy end to the game v Spurs … what was your take on the performance and decisions made by the officials?

First half was excellent, second half we got absolutely bombarded but I felt we done very good in holding them off… fact remains it took a world class thunderbolt and a dodgy last minute penalty for them to get the draw. Overall, I was happy with the performance – Lovren and Karius turned up and the rest were fairly solid too with the attack looking breathtakingly good in wave after wave of attack.. Milner and Henderson played well and Can put in a shift too… The officiating was absolutely disgraceful. Coming from South Africa, i grew up watching Rugby so when I moved to Europe and start watching Football more I could never get my head around how they just don’t consult a video ref for big calls (Penalties/Red Cards). There’s too much money in the game now for these people to be getting these decisions wrong and in my honest opinion, I’m sick of it. The assistant fist pumping after the penalty was awarded… he should be fired… if it was any other sport he’d be a goner, as wood John Moss for his “what have you got from the TV comment”.

What did you make of the team performance?

I thought we were solid. Far from perfect but Spurs are a very good side and we could have put more by them very easily…

In the 2nd half we were a bit under the cosh but was that due to us sitting back or a change in tactics from Spurs?

It was from a bit of both. Spurs NEEDED to change their set-up as they were awful in the first half. I won’t get into anything about him putting Matip on to short it up – most of the people who have been giving Jürgen stick are the same ones who give him shit for not putting on a defender at 1-0 so there’s no winning. He made the right call in my opinion..

Which players would you say stood out for you for Liverpool in this game?

Mo Salah. Incredible. That second goal was as good as anything Suarez done when he was a red… and Mo is only here 6 months… the only shame was it wasn’t a winner (as it deserved to be)

What did you make of the team line up for this game?

I would have started Ox, but I understand why he went with virtually the same line up in the middle and up top as the Huddersfield game.

Do you see many changes for the Southampton game ?

Not really. Ox or Gini could come in for Milner as he looked exhausted against Spurs…other to that I don’t see a lot changing as we have had a decent break between games.

Score prediction and why v Saints please?

Southampton I’m gonna go say a win, but not by much. Southampton have found some form and the dangerous thing is that a lot of their goals are coming from set-pieces. I will say 1-0 to us, Van Dijk to score the winner (Laughs…)

The Kop Table Interview

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