The FoL Predictor: Sigurdsson destroys point getting

Liverpool Crest

Ah the magic of the cup.

Liverpool weren’t exactly fluent for some of the derby on Friday night but the late win over Everton means that everyone bar Dean and Chris got a point. Annoyingly, the majority were more than bothered by Gylfi Sigurdsson’s second half equaliser because it meant that they wouldn’t be getting any score points while everyone was shocked to see James Milner open the scoring. I did call Pete Lynch a madman for saying van Dijk would score first so I’m a little bit humbled by the fact the big Dutchman scored the winner.

What that means is that the gap between the top four and the rest of the field is closing up a little this week with Peter Phillips slowly creeping level on points with Chris who remains ahead alphabetically. The top three have pulled away from Dean just a little with their positions unchanged from last week. Poor Philip Shanko is still bringing up the rear though.

Here’s your full table (this week’s points in brackets) as of 7 January:

  1. Oliver Miller 14(1)
  2. Dom Whitlock 11(1)
  3. Liam Togher 10(1)
  4. Dean Mannion 8(0)
  5. Chris Darwen 7(0)
  6. Peter Phillips 7(1)
  7. Pete Lynch 6(1)
  8. Eion Smith 5(1)
  9. Philip Shanko 4(1)

This Week’s Game

Another one game week this time but it’s an absolute belter that might just wreak havoc in the FoL Predictor table as we play host to the unbeaten league leaders, Manchester City. Last time we met, Sadio Mane kicked Ederson in the face and we lost 5-1 in September. This game takes on even more significance with Philippe Coutinho’s impending departure and the potential league debut for derby hero van Dijk.


Eion Smith: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (Raheem Sterling)

Chris Darwen: Liverpool 1-2 Manchester City (Roberto Firmino)

Liam Togher: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (Sadio Mane)

Peter Phillips: Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City (Mohamed Salah)

Dean Mannion: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester City (Roberto Firmino)

Philip Shanko: Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City (Mohamed Salah)

Pete Lynch: Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City (Sergio Aguero)

Oliver Miller: Liverpool 1-2 Manchester City (Raheem Sterling)

Dany Gonzalez: Liverpool 3-3 Manchester City (Mohamed Salah)

Jahin Mohammed: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (Mohamed Salah)

So, lots of 1-1s this week including FoL’s very own January signing Jahin. We also have a Predictor first as Chris and Oliver went for a City win. Dean and Philip are the optimists this week thinking Liverpool will win at Anfield with Dean even going for a clean sheet. I’m one of three to have gone for a City player to open the scoring and, naturally, it’ll be Raheem Sterling.

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