FoL Predictor: Liam and Dean climb into the top four as Shanko props everyone up

Liverpool Crest

Having taken an extended Christmas break (unintentionally), the Friends of Liverpool Predictor is back once again.

It’s been all change recently behind Oliver Miller as his one perfect game from the opening weekend keeps him top of the pile as things stand. Dom Whitlock in second is slowly chipping away at this heels though with the gap now down to only three points after Oliver picked up just the solitary point in the Arsenal and Swansea games.

Stand out this week though was Liam Togher who came from near the foot of the table to more than double his points in one go and end up third, just a point behind Dom. He has two correct outcomes and Philippe Coutinho’s header at the Emirates to thank for that. Coutinho’s screamer at Anfield also gave Dean Mannion three points which, added to his point for the correct outcome against the Swans, sent him into fourth.

As for your humble author? Well, it’s still not going well. Outcomes are coming up but those solitary points are only keeping me off the foot of the table each week with Philip Shanko still bottom of the pile. Plenty games to come though so my title challenge is still on… for now.

Could be worse though. You could be Chris Darwen who fell two places after picking up just the solitary point.

Here’s the standings as of 3 January (weekly points shown in brackets):

  1. Oliver Miller 13(1)
  2. Dom Whitlock 10(2)
  3. Liam Togher 9(5)
  4. Dean Mannion 8(4)
  5. Chris Darwen 7(1)
  6. Peter Phillips 6(1)
  7. Pete Lynch 5(1)
  8. Eion Smith 4(2)
  9. Philip Shanko 3(1)

This Week’s Game

It’s derby weekend. Sorry, it’s derby Friday night because the BBC wanted to show the FA Cup’s big tie. Yeah, we’ve got them lot in the cup and that’s our one and only game this week so not many points on the line this time.

Last time out, the derby at Anfield stumped most of the guys after Rooney’s penalty grabbed the Blues a draw in the league but it seems most are not deterred. In fact, you could probably say that my spreadsheet is a copy and paste job this week as we’ve FIVE 2-0 Liverpool win predictions this week as well as FIVE picks for Roberto Firmino to open the scoring. Shoutout to Pete Lynch for daring to choose Virgil van Dijk as first scorer, you absolute mentalist.


Eion Smith – Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Roberto Firmino)

Chris Darwen – Liverpool 1-1 Everton (Gini Wijnaldum)

Liam Togher – Liverpool 3-1 Everton (Adam Lallana)

Peter Phillips – Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Gini Wijnaldum)

Dean Mannion – Liverpool 1-1 Everton (Roberto Firmino)

Philip Shanko – Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Roberto Firmino)

Pete Lynch – Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Virgil van Dijk)

Oliver Miller – Liverpool 2-0 (Adam Lallana)

Dom Whitlock – Liverpool 3-1 Everton (Roberto Firmino)

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