Liverpool v Swansea Fan Preview by @_Chris_Hurst_

Match Preview Liverpool

Peter gets the thoughts of Chris Hurst on the Boxing Day fixture…

Is this Home game v Swansea a must win considering their form and league position?

I think every home game is must win now, we were on a good run after the Spurs game but definitely after the derby and West Brom we have to get back to winning ways at home and who better to get it against than a now manager-less team struggling for confidence,
Probably jinxed it now haven’t I.

Do the think AOC has now adapted his game to playing the Liverpool way?

I wouldn’t go overboard on him just yet, some fans have a tendency to hype players after 2/3 good performances then if they have a dip in form are just as quick to leather him, AOC is looking a different player under Klopp to what we have seen at Arsenal and it’s nice to see but I’d rather we let him continue to do his thing, after all, he’s only been here 5 minutes.

Improvements have been made in defence but would you still look to sign a defender in January?

Without a shadow of a doubt, for as well as they’ve been playing your still waiting for someone to have a brain fart and have a proper facepalm moment  ( laughs ), Lovren and Klavan have been playing well and I’d 100% capitalise on the good form by adding a more accomplished CB, will that be VVD? Time will tell.

Can linked again with Juve do you think he should still play even though the likelihood is that he won’t be at Anfield next season?

NO! I’ve been vocal about this on twitter and had many discussions, but the second he refused a new deal would have been the second he would have been bombed for me, I’d rather see someone like Grujic given a chance, now he or more his agent is looking to get him a loan move in Jan, I can’t see it if Can goes, to be honest. But going back to people hyping players up Can is prime example for me, now I know people will disagree, and people have already said he can’t be that bad if a number of top clubs want him but a centre midfielder who runs games, battles for every ball, take games by the scruff of the neck, I know he’s not the only one who doesn’t do it but all I can say about Can is this, at any point in the 3 years he’s been here or at any point in the future when he’s gone will anyone say “if only we still had Emre Can” I know people will still disagree but this is just my opinion.

Thoughts on Swansea and their strengths?

I can’t say I’ve watched them in great detail but from the bits I have seen there isn’t much in that side to be worried about, I watched them v Everton and they had a good first half Fer can be a handful and Tammy Abraham done ok when he came on but that’s about it I’d say, so as it stands I can’t them losing a threat, unless the luck of a new manager sparks life into them, be just out luck for them to get Pulis An his first win be v us!

 Finally, Chris give us your score prediction and your reasons for this?

If we start the way we know we can we could get 5 or 6 against these but I said the same v West Brom and we all know how that turned out, but bottom of the league we should put them to the sword and after 2 poor results at home recently we have to put these small clubs to bed if we want too 4 again, I’ll go 4-0.

Big thanks to Chris for taking the time on to join us on FOL once again.