Friends Of Liverpool

I had hoped with the arrival of a new Manager on Merseyside that the Brendan Rodger’s culture of playing the ball back to the keeper would end.

However, some of the less than brightest sparks in this Liverpool team persist in doing it, bringing about calamitous results.

Alberto Moreno is by far the worst culprit of this negative tactic with Emre Can also prone to lashing it back to Simon Mignolet at every opportunity.

Just how bad Mignolet’s decision-making was in Sunday’s defeat to Crystal Palace was obvious.

When Mamado Sakho tried to return to the pitch, guess who kept giving him the ball?

Why, simple Simon of course. Instead of booting the ball up the pitch our goalkeeper elected instead to pass the ball to a stricken defender, made lots of sense that did.

Not to mention £12 million ex-Seville star Moreno, the left-back who is not a full back, the amount of times I have seen this guy pass the ball backwards from an attacking position just beggars belief, he is so negative its unbelievable.

Emre Can too has a habit of coping out when he has the ball at his feet, too often, instead of looking forwards he lays the ball back in Mignolet’s hapless direction. From there it usually gets hoofed out the ground or back towards the opposition.

Things that Klopp needs to sort out soon when he gets an opportunity.