Friends Of Liverpool

The rumour mill is in full swing when it comes to transfers and yet again there are more rumours surrounding Luis Suarez.

While he has said that he’s “sad to read these things”, they continue to crop up and makes one wonder if his words are not just some type of spin.

The latest rumour comes from his fellow national teammate Edinson Cavani.  He thinks that Suarez may leave if Liverpool doesn’t make it to the Champions League.

Cavani recently told reporters that:

“The fact is that Luis is one of the top strikers in the world and he wants to be playing Champions League football.”

“Of course, Liverpool are not going to make it this season. But if they don’t make it next season then they will have a problem. Luis would love to play in the Champions League with Liverpool. But if he can’t then a player of his quality needs to play for a club where he can.”

While the rumours about a Luis Suarez exit continue, new rumors regarding a former player’s return have sprung up.  Liverpool is reportedly in talks with Xabi Alonso’s agent in an attempt to bring him back to Anfield this summer.

Alonso has reportedly turned down a new deal with Real Madrid and may leave during the summer.

One obstacle could be money.

If Alonso were to come back to the Reds, he would likely need to take a pay cut in order to do so.  Both Real Madrid and Liverpool can afford midfielder’s salary due to their sponsorship deals with major online gaming companies, and now the question will be who will pay the most for the midfielder.

Finally, it appears that Brendan Rodger’s search for talent has taken him to the Barcelona academy.  Reports have the reds making a formal offer for striker Sergi Canós.  Apparently Barca has offered €18,000 a year for the 16-year-old to stay with the club and that is well short of Liverpool’s offer.