Friends Of Liverpool

New Liverpool boss has come-out and said that he doesn’t want to lose star defender Daniel Agger.

With wide-spread media reports that the Danish defender is about to join money-kings Man City for £ 23 million, it would be a major disapointment if the great Dane left Liverpool.

It seems as if FSG are willing to sanction the move which would give new boss Brendan Rodgers the cash to buy Diego Godin and, possibly Adam Johnson, who has failed to make an impact at City.

“There’s no way I want to lose one of my best players and Daniel is one of the leading centre halves in European football,’ said Rodgers.

‘There’s been contact from City, yes. But it’s nowhere near the valuation of what the player is worth and you can only consider something like that if it is going to benefit you.

‘Of course you might lose a top player but if it benefits you going forward – and you can make two or three steps because of it – you may have to consider it.

‘But we don’t want to sell Daniel. So unless someone comes in with a ridiculous offer, that makes you think you can benefit in one or two other areas, (we will not).

‘Daniel and I have had a number of conversations so he knows where I am at, he knows where the club are at and he doesn’t want to leave, which is great.

Lets hope Liverpool withstand the overtures from Man City and we manage to keep Agger at Anfield as we push for a Champion’s League position this Season.