Friends Of Liverpool

Tom Hicks, the man I hate more than some of my former bosses,
has been in Court in London this week attempting to
overturn the International injunction against him and George Gillette pursuing damages against NESV, Martin Broughton, RBS Holdings and LFC.
The clearly deluded Texan believes that he was swindled out of Liverpool Football club by the £300 sale to John W Henry of Fenway Sports.
If, and its a big if, Hicks wins his case then he will sue Liverpool FC for $1 billion dollars, citing the club for underselling the asset, his own loss of £140 investment in the club and his belief that Liverpool FC were worth much ,much more than the £300 million hey were sold for back in those heady days of Summer.
The very idea of the mercenary Hicks winning this landmark case makes me shudder.
But the likelihood of it being thrown out of Court today makes me smile as the worst owners in the history will be finally laid to rest.