Friends Of Liverpool

Tomas Hicks senior is hell-bent on a full take-over of Liverpool Football Club, Anfield, Melwood and all of its assets in order to re-finance his loan with RBS worth £280 million.
The despicable Texan has reportedly agreed a deal with the Blackstone/GSO group to buy-out his loans with RBS buy Oct 1st.
This would see the end of Barcap’s interest in the club and the demise of Martin Broughton as chairman of the club.
This would then clear the way for Hicks to reappoint his son as a member of the board, overturning the current majority of Broughton, Purslow and Ayre in the Anfield boardroom.
The current triumvirate are frantically trying to find an outside buyer for Liverpool FC before the Oct 6th deadline set by RBS and are again seeking legal advice on the issue.
George Gillette appears to have voluntarily defaulted on a loan of £75 million to RBS wishing to wash his hands of the club, due to Hicks callous behaviour, however, he may still have some say in the Texan’s proposed buyout.
Sadly, if Hicks does succeed in getting new more expensive debtors in place, he will, most likely, lose some of Liverpool’s best players including Fernando Torres and many others.
His Blackstone/GSO group have no plans to invest in the team or the new stadium, so if Hicks succeeds in his refinancing, then it is a very dark day at Liverpool FC