Friends Of Liverpool

Rafael Benitez was in town today, probably to start organising the sale of his house and that.
But he made a point of visiting the organisers of the Hillsborough family support group and he made a large donation of £96,000 to the fund by cheque.
“When he handed the cheque over to me he was very emotional, as I was and the committee was, especially when we saw the amount,” said Margaret Aspinall, chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

“He just said that he wanted to help with the cause and hoped we get what we rightly deserve.
“We have lots of things that we spend money on; a memorial every year, upkeep of the office and expenses but Rafa just said as long as it helps the group then that’s all that matters.”
Rafa, I have always admired you as a true gentleman, you had one bad season and you got shafted by the board while you were on holiday, you deserved better than that.
But the fact that that you made this truly majestic donation has shown what a sincere and kind man you are.
Best of luck with your new job, well done Rafa.