Friends Of Liverpool

Oh  God. Little did we know that when the new board was appointed by Hicks and Gillette earlier this year that things would come to this derisory end.
The first thing they did was get a new sponsorship with Standard Chartered Bank( who are they?) worth £20 million a year, if we are in the Champions League , that is, but we are not so the revenues from that deal for next season at least, are similar to to what Carlsberg have been paying us for decades.
So, no major coup by Purslow,Nash and Ayre there then.
What exactly has the Hicks and Gillette appointed new board done for the good of Liverpool FC  since they arrived?
I think they have set the club even further backwards than it was when David Moores owned the club.
We were only £40 million in debt year on year and had he applied for funding for the new stadium back then, he would easily have found banks willing to put up £300 million to get the new stadium built without Mores having to sell out.
Alas, that didn’t happen, we have had three calamitous years of American debt merchants running our club into the ground and the future looks bleak.
The one manager who is capable of lifting the team is our idol Kenny Dalglish, but MD Christian Purslow is ignoring him for Roy Hodgson of Fulham fame.
Crazy, isn’t it.