Friends Of Liverpool

A major change in approach by hated Liverpool owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett has taken place.
The duo are willing to sell 50% of the club to interested parties.
Previously, the Yanks wanted only to sell 25% of the club for £100 million.
However, despite extensive hawking of the club in the Middle East, they have not found an investor willing to invest in Liverpool Football Club on those terms.
With the club £240 million in debt, due entirely to the hated Americans, they have had to take drastic action.
Now Hicks and Gillett are willing to sell half of the club in order to gain new investment.
It is believed this will bring DIC back into the reckoning as they could buy a major stake in Liverpool FC.
Work needs to begin on the new stadium soon, Liverpool City Council is pressing the club to begin work on the new ground so new investment is needed quickly.
Lets hope that this is the beginning of the end of the Hicks & Gillett regime, for once and for all and we finally get in proper owners who are fit to run the club the way it should be run.