Friends Of Liverpool

Chris Bascombe wrote in The News Of The World that Fernando Torres will look to leave Liverpool if we don’t qualify for the Champions League next season.
Well Chris, much as I respect your integrity and your journalistic prowess, I think you could be wrong on this one.
Yes, Torres has looked a forlorn figure lately.
Hampered by injury, lacking match-fitness and hacked to death by unforgiving defences, he has plainly not been at his very best.
But the notion that he could quit our club at the end of this season is not true.
While there are many wealthier clubs who would gladly snap him up, Torres is simply, not for sale.
The man himself said only the other day: “Its a difficult situation but every top team in the world sometimes goes through a a bad situation like Liverpool now and Liverpool will get over the situation.
The players are the people that have to find a solution. The manager is not playing, so we have to play much better.”
Hardly the words of a man wanting to leave the club.
The victory over Wolves was a welcome one, let us hope that we can maintain this form with a win against Martin O’Neill ‘s Aston Villa on Tuesday night.