Friends Of Liverpool

According to Tony Barrett, now working at The Times, Rafa Benitez has had a negative budget to work with for the last few seasons.
The despicable duo still owe Royal Bank Of Scotland £250 million that they borrowed to buy our club to begin with.
To refinance this loan last summer, they had to pay £60 million to the bank upfront.
This money didn’t come from these two scumbags, oh no, it came from club revenues such as Champions League money and player sales.
Thanks to Hicks and Gillette, the club has to pay £30 million each year in interest alone!
I wrote about this pair of thieves many times before and it amazes me that they still own Liverpool Football club.
I wish the banks would call in the loans, remove the American parasites and sell the club onto worthy and wealthy owners.
Rafa Benitez spoke sparingly of the clubs position today saying: “We have to accept our situation and then try to do the best in the conditions that we have.”
In other words, we are skint and I can’t buy anyone, a crazy situation.
“When I signed my five-year contract we knew that we had to work together, so we will try to do our best for the club. Sometimes you can do it.
“One of the priorities this year was to reduce the debt so the club is working hard to do this.
Can we do something in January, we will see, but we are working very hard together.”
Rafa, you have earned my respect even more.
I admire you as a manager and as a person, but to turn down Real Madrid again, to stay at Liverpool with very little to spend, in the hope of achieving success at Anfield, well, you have gone up in my estimation.
Keep up the good work Boss, we will get the Yanks out, one day.