Friends Of Liverpool

Motormouth, Jamie Redknapp has been rabbiting on about Rafa Benitez and his former club, Liverpool.
The Sky pundit, he of the ‘one black-tie’ fame, has been saying that “Liverpool have only one win in ten now but he manipulates the fans, he gets them how he wants them.”
Does he really Jamie?
We finished 2nd in the League last season so he hasn’t become a bad manager overnight.
He then goes on to say that if we go out of the Europe this week and lose to Everton at the weekend, then the fans will turn against him.
We might go out of the Champions League but we will beat Everton come the weekend.
“If they don’t get into the top four this season, it will be a major problem. On the pitch, the players are not playing well enough, that’s a fact.”
Can’t argue with him there, we should get back into the top four when all our key players are fully fit though and I think it has just been our defending at corners that has let us down this season, otherwise, we have played pretty well.
It is very disappointing to hear a former Red constantly having a go at the club, he does it every time Liverpool are on Sky Sports.
I would expect a more balanced attitude from him and others like Ronnie Whelan and Graeme Souness when they go on the radio or TV and constantly criticise Rafa and the team.
It does the reputation of the club no good whatsoever.