Friends Of Liverpool

That man Hicks is at it again.
Wheeling and dealing without a penny in his pocket using Liverpool as the bargaining chip.
His latest stunt is to instruct bankers, Merrill Lynch to find a minority investor to pay £100 million for 25% of our club.
In return they will get sweet F.A.
It appears he wants to trawl the rich Middle East to get his money, don’t think DIC will go for this, or maybe they will and then try to leverage him out for once and for all.
£100 million won’t build you a 60,000 seater stadium, so what is he playing at this time?
God only knows!
I see the Reserves beat Man Utd reserves 1-0, thanks to David Ngoo’s first half goal, nice one.
Oh yeah, scroll down to vote on where we will finish in the League this season, thanks.