Author: Ryan Murray

The Day My Grandad Lost The FA Cup

Very few people can say that a family member has won the prestigious FA Cup. Even fewer can say that their family member won the FA Cup then lost it the same day! That’s the position I find myself in after my granddad, ex Liverpool goalie Tommy Lawrence managed to misplace the illustrious FA Cup […]

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A Liverpool Classic: The Game That Was Decided On A Flip Of A Coin

Of all the stories I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from my grandad, ex-Liverpool goalie Tommy Lawrence, there is one that sticks potently in the mind. It was the story about how Liverpool won the European Cup quarterfinal with a flip of the coin. Before the days of penalty shootouts or the dreaded away goal […]

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A Liverpool Classic: Out Of The Fog, A Legend Was Born

On the 7th of December 1966, football entered a new chapter, the English way of playing started to become diluted with a foreign substance called ‘total football’. A game defined in the history books as ‘De Mistwedstrijd’ (the fog contest), led to one of the most fascinating conceptions of a European superpower. On this day […]

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Tommy Lawrence

Tommy Lawrence: A Tribute To My Grandad

390 appearances, two league titles, an FA Cup and a nickname that will live on forever. Not bad for a career’s work. Today we said goodbye to a Liverpool legend and an all-around gentleman, who just happens to be my Grandad. Tommy was the kind of guy that would stand outside for ages signing autographs […]

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