Different Liverpool FC Memberships: Do You Need To Be A Member To Get Tickets?

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It might seem strange to talk about becoming a ‘member’ of Liverpool, as though you’re turning the football club into a gym or somewhere you might play golf. In reality, though, it is a system that the Reds introduced to give people the chance to not only feel as though they’re a part of proceedings but also to be able to get tickets for matches at Anfield.

On top of that, there are also competitions and other benefits that are only open to those with a Membership, which is why it appeals to many people as something to do. The big questions you might have are what you get with your Membership and whether it’s worth it.

Different Tiers of LFC Membership

The most important thing to realise is that there are different tiers of Membership of LFC, which each offer slightly different things to one another. Some of them are about your age, whilst others are to do with what you get in exchange for your Membership. The more you get, the more that the Membership costs, which is obviously worth bearing in mind if you’re trying to look after your budget. Here is a look at each of them:

Adult Premium Membership

The most expensive Membership that you can get with the club is the Adult Premium Membership. With the Premium package you receive a ‘luxurious’ welcome pack that contains limited edition items, such as a scarf, wash bag or a pin collection.

You also get access to to LFCTV GO for 12 months, allowing you to watch the club channel on the likes of your iPad or smartphone. When taking out an Adult Premium Membership you are awarded 10,000 MyLFC Points, which can be put towards unlocking other benefits. On top of that, you’ll also be able to access exclusive content in the Members’ Area and apply for money can’t buy prizes.


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The most important thing, at least in the eyes of most people, is that you’ll get access to the Members’ allocation of 13,000 tickets to each Premier League home game that Liverpool play during the season. There are two Members Ticket Sales, with one taking place in July and the other happening in the November.

You will also be able to access late availability tickets and enter the Auto Cup Scheme as well as use the Ticket Exchange platform. Although it is the most expensive Membership, Premium Members don’t get priority in the sale when compared to other Members with other tier levels, which is worth thinking about.

Adult Full Membership

If you don’t particularly want to opt for the Premium Membership, perhaps think that it’s a bit pricey for a scarf and some pins, then you might instead choose the Full Membership. You will still get a welcome pack that features a present of some sort, such as a bobbly hat, and a pin badge, but fewer things than a Premium Member.

After that, there is still the access to the Members’ allocation of tickets for the two Ticket Sales, and you also get 10% discount both in LFC’s official retail shops and online. That is available to Premium Members too, of course. Access to competitions for Members is also available for you. You get 6,000 MyLFC Points.

Adult Light Membership

The last Membership type specifically for adults is the Light Membership. This is very much a no-frills option, with the key thing being that it allows you to apply for tickets in the two Members’ Sales.

Light Membership offers the same 10% discount online and in-person for LFC’s shops, plus the ability to enter competitions in the Members’ Area, but there are no other real benefits. You can also use your Light Membership to access the Ticket Exchange and you get 2,000 MyLFC Points.

Teen Red Membership

For teenagers, the option is there to get the Teen Red Membership. It is open to those aged 13 to 16, with Membership offering some exclusive merchandise and access to the competitions and other experiences in the Members’ Area of the club website.

Teen Reds receive a birthday card from the club when their birthday rolls around, plus there is the same access to the 13,000 Members’ allocation of tickets as with the adult Memberships. Teen Reds also get the 10% discount on official LFC things, in addition to a 30% discount on an annual LFCTV GO subscription and some discount on the likes of Anfield Stadium Tours.

Red Squad Membership

Open to young supporters aged 9 to 12, Red Squad sees Members get an exclusive welcome pack filled with things that are age appropriate. That includes the likes of an LFC-themed rucksack and a drinking bottle, plus a poster. As with the other Memberships, the exact gifts change each season. The young people still get access to the 13,000 tickets, plus late availability sales and the Auto-Cup Scheme.

Red Squad Members get a birthday card and the chance to attend exclusive events at Anfield throughout the season. Young Members aged 6 to 11 are automatically entered into a draw to be a mascot and lead the players out of the tunnel on a match day.

Mighty Red Membership

For Liverpool supporters aged between 4 and 8, the Mighty Red Membership is idea. They can get access to the 13,000 tickets in the two Members’ Ticket Sales, plus a welcome pack that features the likes of a Liverpool-themed rucksack and drinking bottle. As well as getting a birthday card from the club when the big day rolls around, Mighty Red Members also get entered into the draw to be a match day mascot if they’re aged between six and eight.

Mighty Red Members still get the 10% discount across the stores and online shop, plus the ability to apply for exclusive prizes and get a discount on the Anfield Stadium Tour.

Little Liver Membership

The Membership that is aimed at the youngest of Liverpool supporters is ideal for anyone trying to indoctrinate a youngster in their life. It is for those aged between 0 and 3 and is the perfect way of welcoming them into the LFC family. The other benefit is that you only need to pay for the Membership once, renewing automatically until they turn four.

The welcome pack contains things like a lunch box, snack pot and cup, all with LFC branding. A certificate and a Membership card also comes with the welcome back, plus access to the Members’ Area where you can enter them into prize draws on their behalf.

Is it Worth It?

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The obvious question that most people will ask when it comes to LFC Membership is whether or not it is worth the money. The first thing to point out is that these Memberships are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. That means that you will get hundreds of thousands of people given access to the 13,000 tickets available to Members for each home game.

You can probably do the maths on what that means for your chance of successfully getting a ticket via the ballot each time one is carried out. It’s also worth noting that some matches have requirements on them that mean most Members won’t be able to apply anyway.

The likes of the Merseyside derby or games against Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City, as an example, will usually require Members to have attended a given number of games the previous season in order to be able to even enter the ballot for a ticket. In other words, there’s not much point in taking out a Membership if you’re looking to be able to attend a top of the table clash any time soon.

If you want to get the exclusive merchandise that is associated with a Membership then it’s worth it, but if you’re doing it just to be able to try to get tickets then you should expect it to be a frustrating experience.

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