Reviewing Newcastle and Previewing Manchester United

The Kop Table Interview

Peter talks to our regular guest Mike Davies about the upcoming games for Liverpool…

Firstly Mike give us your thoughts on the performance against Newcastle?

What a good solid performance, did what we needed to, probably had another gear if we needed it. All round great team performance.

Are we now showing that even if teams come and play with 10 men behind the ball that we will still break them down?

I feel we now are starting to break teams down even when they sit back, patience has come into our game, at the start of the season we would start to panic and snatch at shots or try passes that weren’t on, now we are very patient and bide our time, knowing a chance will be created and put away.

Who was your MOM against Newcastle?

Man of the Match, well Peter, who do I start with? The Ox. he’s really settling in now showing why Klopp wanted him, very unselfish player, then we have the same names VVD, Robbo and Bobby, all so consistent, TAA again showing why he will become a cult hero in the Kop, but I’m going with Lovren. With VVD’s guidance he is becoming the player what we bought. Oh and on a last note a quick mention for Karius, world class save at the end of the first half, he’s showing why we bought him, think we can save money on that position in the summer.

Although klopp said he’d go full strength v Porto do you see him making many changes?

The next game is a strange one, does he stay strong and keep the momentum going with the odd change which I feel he will or make big changes? Like I just mentioned, I feel the odd change, Gomez, Gini and a start for Adam maybe but who can second guess Klopp .

Give us your line up you would pick for Man Utd?

Now Peter to the big one at the weekend, we know even though Utd are at home they will park the bus. I would go with the team that just beat Newcastle and hopefully start off quickly and get an early goal make them come after us.

Give us your score prediction for both Porto and Man Utd please?

My prediction for the two games Porto is a strange one but we can have an easy 3/4-0 win, as for the Utd game we all know if they try and play against us we would win quite easily but as that won’t happen I’m going for a famous 3-1 win. Cheers and catch you all next week.

Thanks Mike.