Liverpool Way Under Par In Loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford

Man of the Match Friends of Liverpool

Not the performance that any Liverpool fans were expecting, considering the way Jurgen Klopp’s side have played over the last couple of months. All 11 of the starters for Liverpool were way under the standard they’ve been performing this season.

Salah, the best player in the whole league this season was in Ashley Young’s back pocket. The Egyptian became too predictable throughout, always looking to get the ball on that left foot of his, but always running into 4 United players in the process.

Mane was the same, he took too many touches when he was on the ball, when he did escape from one of Mourinho’s men along came another to pick off his loose touch. He was way off what we’ve seen from him in the last couple of weeks.

Chamberlain and Can have been too very solid performers for Liverpool recently. But the two midfielders offered very little cover to a shaky defence and struggled to get the ball forward to the danger men of the team as well.

Alexander Arnold had one of those days. The young scouse was terrorised by Marcus Rashford throughout and his positioning was wrong for the whole of the first half.

The centre backs weren’t much better either, in fact Lovren was worse. He was bullied by big Romelu Lukaku, as the Croatian lost the battle with the Belgian twice leading to the United goals.

So, who wasn’t too bad then? The man of the match award goes to Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian was unpredictable, unlike others in the Liverpool front line, and didn’t look downhearted throughout the game.

Bobby did his usual stuff like tackle the Manchester United midfield to stop counter attacks and looked to get his team mates into positions to score goals. Unfortunately for Liverpool’s number 9, the support wasn’t with him during the game.

If anyone was going to get an equaliser for Liverpool it would have been this guy, or maybe a goal from a set piece. He forced Bailly to take action when he scored the own goal, lurking behind the big Ivorian centre back waiting for a tap in and another goal this season.

Don’t get me wrong Firmino was nowhere near his best, but even if he was I still don’t think Liverpool would have won the game. Mourinho set up his men narrow and the Liverpool side didn’t know what to do.

An unfortunate result and performance from Liverpool this week, so let’s just forget about it, yeah?