Day: 29 March 2018

A Liverpool Classic: The Game That Was Decided On A Flip Of A Coin

Of all the stories I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from my grandad, ex-Liverpool goalie Tommy Lawrence, there is one that sticks potently in the mind. It was the story about how Liverpool won the European Cup quarterfinal with a flip of the coin. Before the days of penalty shootouts or the dreaded away goal […]

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The Loan Report

Loanees Report Card (Part 2): Wilson the star pupil, but Markovic faces detention

Harry Wilson – Hull City (Grade A+) By far Liverpool’s best player out on loan at the moment, Harry Wilson has been in scintillating form throughout 2018. Wilson dislocated his shoulder in the FA Cup clash with Chelsea but was by far the most dangerous of the all the Hull players that evening and used […]

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The Optimist Friends of Liverpool

The Optimist: The Home Stretch

Seven games. That is all that is left of the 2017/18 season. Seven games. Seven games of which our summer planning will depend on. Seven games in which to convince our transfer targets, even our own players, that Liverpool Football Club is the place to be come August. Seven games in which we state our […]

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