Mo Salah and The ‘Selling Club’

Friends Of Liverpool

Amidst early reports of Real Madrid interest in Mo Salah, it signifies Liverpool’s inability to retain talent in order to win the Premier League.

The Egyptian forward has lit up the Premier League since his summer move to Anfield, scoring 28 goals already this season. So it comes as no surprise that he is already attracting the attention of Spanish giants Real Madrid. We’ve seen it so in England, have a good season or two and secure yourself a move to either Real or Barca. The world’s ‘best’ league has become a feeder league to the El Classico teams.

Liverpool are no strangers to this kind of business, Michael Owen, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho are a few examples. It’s easy and often unavoidable to become a ‘selling club’ and after all, which team in the English league isn’t a selling club? Manchester United sold a number to Real Madrid during the Fergie era, and as have Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea over the years. And the money being tossed about today is too tempting to turn away, £142 million for Coutinho? Go on then.

Though this season may be Klopp’s best since his appointment, it still won’t be a title winning season with Manchester City having the season they are.

Liverpool have been the only team to defeat City this season in the League, and they did it without Coutinho too, but the Reds won’t win the league until they can persuade their best players to remain at the club.

Salah has said he is content and happy at Liverpool, and is fully focussed on the season ahead. But as a footballer, once you hear that Madrid are interested you that thought will lay in the back of your mind in every game. Surely? Being a Galactico, winning the Champions League and playing with the best players in the world is the footballing dream, and with Coutinho leaving the way he did it shows the weakness of the Liverpool board and perhaps staff in keeping their top players at the club.