Huddersfield Review & Spurs Preview by @mkdlfc

The Kop Table Interview

Peter get the thoughts of Mike Davies ahead of the big game on Sunday…

Hello Mike…. firstly can you give us your thoughts on the victory at Huddersfield on Tuesday evening ?

Tuesday game against Huddersfield I thought as a team we looked more solid I put this down to Hendo been back in the team as he sat and protested the back four Karius looked better in goal I thought Robinson again as far as I’m concerned he has made the LB spit his people might not agree but Lovern didn’t put a foot wrong and I’ve always felt him and VVD would make s very solid partnership Gomes did well at right back played a more controlled game. Milner and Can we’re pulling the strings in the midfield,I felt our midfield had more balance to it and with Hendo sitting protecting it allowed Can to play more of his normal game the front three interchanged well and I felt that was mane best game for awhile.

There was many good performances but who got your M.O.M in that game?

My MoM would go to Lovren or Can with Can just edging it for me .

What are your thoughts on Liverpool allowing Coutinho and Sturridge to leave without bringing in any replacements ?

My thoughts on Phil and DS leaving with no one coming in There was no point in keeping Phil as he didn’t want to be here and I have the same view as most no point in keeping someone who doesn’t want to be here DS didn’t really make the 18 since early Dec so no great loss just a good saving on wages As for no replacements coming in I feel Klopp knows who he wants and won’t just go out and buy for the sake of it he will wait till his targets are available, would if liked Lemar or someone like that in but I trust Klopp and if he feels we have enough to get through the rest of the season then I’m with him all the way .

What is your score prediction and reasons why?

My prediction for Sunday is 3-1 as spurs can’t afford a draw and will come at us which will play into our hands Also I win for us would open a good gap between us and I personally feel we can get 2nd .

Do you think there will be many changes in the starting eleven for the Spurs game?

I would bring VVD back along side Lovren but that’s it wouldn’t make any other change to the starting 11

Big thanks to Mike for the Q&A on FOL.