Thoughts on the Phil Coutinho situation by @thesmigger

Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho

Peter asks Paul Smith all things LFC and Phil Coutinho. Will we cope and who should we buy?

It’s a very strange decision from the club to let him go 6 months after holding firm. It’s showed that we still have that weakness to sell our big players when the bigger clubs come calling….. selling him now might just come back to bite us in the backside if we don’t find a replacement? The question is who? Do we need like for like or does Klopp strengthen in other areas that we know we need such as the goalkeeper and defensive midfield ares of the team.  Lemar has been mentioned a lot over the past year when Phil asked to leave in the summer as well as Pulisic, Brandt and Draxler. Personally I think we need a goalkeeper now that we have Virgil.

An Oblak or Allison would be ideal. If any of these are brought in I don’t think it will affect our chances of finishing in the top 4 or a good run in the CL now. On the other hand if we don’t losing Phil will end up being a massive loss. Personally I don’t think Klopp would have allowed him to leave without having someone in place. £142m is an astounding amount of money for someone who came from the benches of Inter Milan for less than £10m. So well done to the club for that.

I will miss Phil has been an unbelievable player for us gave us some magical moments. I wish him all the best in his future. It’s all about the reds now and to move on again.