Man City Review and Swansea Preview by @DanVanderkamp

The Kop Table Interview

Peter talks to Dan Vanderkamp about all thing LFC

1. What was your thoughts on the performance against Man City?

It was wonderful and woeful watching all at the same time… but in the end it was wonderful and in all honesty should never have been that difficult. We have Van Dijk to come back in and to get the win without him was huge. I’m so concerned about our goalkeeping situation and I wanted Karius to have an extended chance between the sticks but at this point, it’s crucial we stop these silly mistakes as they can potentially derail our season.

2. Why can’t we generate that atmosphere for every game inside Anfield?

I think there’s an expectation to beat certain teams and then that’s when the atmosphere suffers… the fans are always up for the big games but it really showed how much it can boost the players and I hope as this unbeaten streak goes on it can continue and we can go on to – at least – put a fight up to City.. although at this point in time it looks like it will be in vain.

3. There where many excellent performances but who was your MOM?

Emre Can is getting all the plaudits and deservedly so as he was awesome in that game. My man of the match was Andy Robertson though… He played with so much heart and conviction and it summed up Liverpool’s day.

4. Which of the 4 goals was your favourite goal and reasons why?

Firmino’s, for me. World class – everything about it.

5. We have 7 days till Swansea barring Injury would you play the same team?

Lovren needs to be replaced with Van Dijk and I’d keep it the same other than that! Ox could be a fantastic starter in place of Coutinho in the middle 3 for the rest of the season with the way he is playing and I genuinely hope Migs never plays for us again.

6.Do you think we will sign anyone in this window and do we need too?

I’d like us to, but sadly I think we won’t at this moment. There’s a lot of talk but very little with substance and that leads me to believe we are done. Maybe we will try mend the bridges and give Leipzig what they want for Keita to come in early

7. Score prediction and why please?

We should absolutely batter these, so I’m gonna go for a shady 1-0 win for us as it’s not our style to do things the easy way haha.

Big thanks to Dan once again for his Q&A on FOL