Man City review and Swansea preview with @_Chris_Hurst_

The Kop Table Interview

Peter sits down and talks to our regular Q&A guest Chris Hurst

What was your thoughts on the performance against Man City?

The first half was good, not for the first time us conceding came down to individual errors, first Gomez losing track of the ball, second Matip getting squared up and third Karius getting beat near post, silly things like that have to stop. But overall it was very very good.

Why can’t we generate that atmosphere for every game inside Anfield?

It doesn’t help when other teams come and put 11 men behind the ball hoping to steal a point it just becomes a very boring game but Sunday was about 2 very good sides wanting to win and not wanting to settle for anything less. Also the we were playing certainly helps, Robertson near the end running after the ball like a loon was boss an it gets everyone going, I can’t speak for everyone but I know I was shouting “go on lad, keep going in, again and again and again” like a tool, but I didn’t care it showed he wanted it he had the tenacity to keep going which filters back to the stands and the fans feed off it I think.

There where many excellent performances but who was your MOM?

Very tough one that as you said there were many contenders, Robertson was brilliant as were Firmino and Can but my mom was
Chamberlain I thought again he was class, I had my doubts when he first came but he’s proved me wrong and long may it continue.

Which of the 4 goals was your favourite goal and reasons why?

Firmino’s mate, it was class, the ball from chamberlain was a bit close to Stones but he never give up, he chased it down outmuscled him and the rest….absolute class to compose himself and lift it over the keeper.

We have 7 days till Swansea barring Injury would you play the same team?

No, Van Dijk has to come back in, and for Matip for me, the rest though I’d leave the same, just think we need a presence at the back someone with a voice so he definitely has to come back in for me.

Do you think we will sign anyone in this window and do we need too?

I’d like to think we would, but I’ve spoken to a few lads who seem adamant players will come but the cynic in me says otherwise, I’d like to see another CB and Keeper come in, but I can’t see either happening to be honest.

Score prediction and why please?

I think they’ve been unlucky in recent games so can see it being a much tighter game that people think, I’ll go 1-2, everyone’s confidence will be high after the city game (fans I mean) but I expect it to be totally different to last Sunday but having said that I still think we will have to much for them.

Big thanks to Chris for his latest thoughts on LFC on FOL

The Kop Table Interview

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