FoL Twitter on: what to do with the Coutinho money

Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho

If you’re not following Friends of Liverpool on Twitter then you are doing Twitter wrong. Head on over to @friendsoflfc and your opinion could end up on the site.

Like this time, where @friendsoflfc tweeted out a poll surrounding the whole Philippe Coutinho saga and what area of the first team squad should Jurgen Klopp look to improve first with all that money. Here’s the results:

So, resoundingly split between goalkeepers and a replacement for the departed Brazilian. Interestingly, a couple of people took issue with an omission from the poll choices:

A couple of shouts for defensive midfield there, something we can all agree has been painfully obvious in some of our bigger games this season at Wembley and the Etihad. Interesting words from Oleg1960 too who called Henderson ‘lame’ and Can ‘bad’. I don’t think many would disagree with assessment of the captain but I’d take issue with the analysis of Can. He’s a hell of a player who we’d be foolish to lose.

People also took to the replies to share who they wanted to. We got a couple of people being very clear in letting us know just who the first player they think we should try and sign is:

Oblak has certainly made Thibaut Courtois a distant memory for Atletico fans and developed into one of the finest keepers in Europe so his signing would certainly be a statement.

Others were less certain and gave us different responses. Lou outlined all of the areas she thinks needed improving:

It’s hard to argue with that really.

Meanwhile, Andy C kept his response short, simple and to the point:

There’s probably a few people would have joined you in that camp Andy.

What this poll does show is that there’s plenty of work to be done to the Liverpool squad to make us a real force once again. It also shows that we should be patient and not just buy a player for the sake of buying a player. The split between a keeper and a replacement for Phil is indicative of the debate likely raging on inside the club right now. The key is not to panic with all this new money.

We want to end up with Coutinhos not Balotellis, Carrolls, Lamberts and Markovics.