FoL Predictor: Manchester City and Ox Cost Nearly Everyone Points

Liverpool Crest

Fresh off our very excellent win over Manchester City, not much has really changed in the FoL Predictor. Only Dean and Philip got points for predicting Liverpool beating City but nobody got the correct result or that Ox would open the scoring. It leaves things standing like this right now:

  1. Oliver Miller 14(0)
  2. Dom Whitlock 11(0)
  3. Liam Togher 10(0)
  4. Dean Mannion 9(1)
  5. Chris Darwen 7(0)
  6. Peter Phillips 7(0)
  7. Pete Lynch 6(0)
  8. Eion Smith 5(0)
  9. Philip Shanko 5(1)
  10. Dany Gonzalez 0(0)
  11. Jahin Mohamed 0(0)

Well, at least things are looking up for myself and Philip now. As you can see, no real changes to the leaderboard.

This Week’s Game

Liverpool actually travel to Swansea for Monday Night Football. The Swans were very keen to give us all points when we met on Boxing Day at Anfield so everyone has gone for a Liverpool win in Wales. Most have gone with three or four goals going in for the Reds with a mix of first scorers. Obvious choices like Firmino, Mane and Salah are in there as is Gini Wijnaldum. We also have a new player in the form of January signing Ben Rowland who’s backed a 3-0 win with Mane scoring first.

Here’s the full predictions:

Oliver Miller: Swansea 0-3 Liverpool (Roberto Firmino)

Dom Whitlock: Swansea 0-4 Liverpool (Mohamed Salah)

Liam Togher: Swansea 1-3 Liverpool (Roberto Firmino)

Dean Mannion: Swansea 1-4 Liverpool (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain)

Chris Darwen: Swansea 1-5 Liverpool (Sadio Mane)

Peter Phillips: Swansea 1-4 Liverpool (Sadio Mane)

Pete Lynch: Swansea 1-2 Liverpool (Gini Wijnaldum)

Eion Smith: Swansea 0-4 Liverpool (Roberto Firmino)

Philip Shanko: Swansea 0-3 Liverpool (Mohamed Salah)

Ben Rowland: Swansea 0-3 Liverpool (Sadio Mane)

Dany Gonzalez: Swansea 0-2 Liverpool (Gini Wijnaldum)

Jahin Mohamed: Swansea 1-2 Liverpool (Roberto Firmino)

Agree with the guys? Let us know over on Twitter @friendsoflfc and try and beat our predictions.