Merseyside Derby Preview By Everton Fan Alan Tyrer

The Kop Table Interview

Firstly, is Sam Allardyce the right choice for Everton Football Club at this moment in time?

“this moment in time” is the key phrase there. In a word “yes” as what we need is what you associate with Allardyce teams. We need to become; solid and horrible to play against. If he then gives us a style of play (as currently we have not got one) and plays players in their correct positions then our natural attacking qualities may compliment his defensive attributes.

Do Everton fans see the situation as short term pain for long term gain?

As with most clubs it’s very rare you have a majority opinion on club matters from the fans. There are even supporters I know who feel Koeman was sacked too soon (crazy opinion btw). It’s the same with this, you’ll get the split of people accepting he’s needed whilst others sit there and do nothing but moan because we never went for Simeone. I personally think Allardyce sees this as a very big opportunity, certainly since Newcastle, to break the stigma he has around him and especially a chance to stick two fingers up to the FA. So I don’t necessarily think there has to be pain to achieve this particular gain as it could be win win.

Are you confident after 2 wins on the spin that Everton can get a result on Sunday?

We played West Ham and Huddersfield at home, so there has to be some element of perspective as they’re two poor sides, plus, especially in the West Ham game, a couple of key events went in our favour at key times (namely both penalty outcomes) which could have changed that game and then in sequence the next game. It’s fine margins isn’t it. However we could have nailed Real and Bayern this week and it would bear no relevance on my opinion of Sunday. It’s the derby!?

Which Everton players should Liverpool be wary off on Sunday?

Rooney for sure. He’ll be up for it no doubt and he’s currently playing a position right in the heart of the pitch so he will be looking to be on the ball as much as possible. Sigurdsson is now playing more like his old self and starting to link up play more. A curve ball may be young Jonjoe Kenny at RB, after initially looking like a fish out of water he’s put a couple of confident performances in and contributed in attack, I just hope he keeps his emotions in check. Finally I’d love to see Lookman from the start, this kid has so much potential, albeit inconsistent at the moment, but he oozes confidence and that’s rare for us presently.

What tactics do you expect Allardyce to use when he comes to Anfield ?

Defend deep to combat your pace, I’d expect 3 in the middle to stifle your midfield and try to encourage your defenders to push on then hopefully if he plays pace on at least one of the wings we can counter. It’s going to be tough though, very tough. We can’t afford to concede in the first 20.

Which players from Liverpool do you think can cause you the most problems?

The front three, whoever they are will be a test. Salah is obviously the on form threat but Mane, Coutinho, Firminho, Sturridge, Wijnaldum etc, they all carry a goal threat. We can’t take our eye off any of them.

What is your score prediction and why?

I think there will be goals. The Liverpool pace will be too much for a 3rd clean sheet but I think your defence is vulnerable enough for us to fancy a couple so I’ll plump for 2-2

Big thanks to Alan for taking the time out to join us for an interview.