The FoL Predictor: Who can predict the future?

Liverpool Crest

Welcome to the Friends of Liverpool Predictor, the place where the wonderful team at FoL will be trying to predict the future. This, of course, will only end in embarrassment for someone. Likely me…

The writing team will each week attempt to predict the outcome of Liverpool’s upcoming games and, in turn, try to best each other in our league table. The team will be predicting the result, scoreline and first goalscorer and look to earn points in the process: one for the result; two for the scoreline and three for the scorer and an extra four for a full house.

Got it?

This Week’s Games

We’re opening with two games this week and they’re big ones. First, it’s Spartak Moscow at home in a crucial Champions League tie. A draw will be enough to take us into the knockout stages while a win should guarantee top spot in the group. That is followed up with a trip across Stanley Park as Big Sam gets introduced to the Merseyside Derby for the first time.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody predicted that Liverpool would lose at any point in the coming week. Even less unsurprising is the fact that everyone who called a win said the Reds would manage to bag three or four. There were a couple of draw shouts as well with myself, Chris and Oliver calling a derby draw while Dean said we’d draw with Spartak. First scorer was pretty consistent across the board as well with Firmino and Salah the most popular shouts. I did call Rooney to score first in the derby partly because I’m a glutton for abuse but mostly because he’s just going to isn’t he?

Let’s see what everyone called:

Eion Smith

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-1; Roberto Firmino

Everton (A): Draw, 2-2, Wayne Rooney

Chris Darwen

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-2; Sadio Mane

Everton (A): Draw; 2-2; Mohamed Salah

Liam Togher

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-0; Mohamed Salah

Everton (A): Liverpool win; 3-2; Roberto Firmino

Peter Phillips

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 4-0; Sadio Mane

Everton (A): Liverpool win; 3-1; Mohamed Salah

Dean Mannion

Spartak (H): Draw; 1-1; Philippe Coutinho

Everton (A): Liverpool win; 3-0; Roberto Firmino

Philip Shanko

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-0; Roberto Firmino

Everton (A): Liverpool win; 3-1; Sadio Mane

Pete Lynch

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-1; Philippe Coutinho

Everton (A): Liverpool win; 3-1; Sadio Mane

Oliver Miller

Spartak (H): Liverpool win; 3-1; Roberto Firmino

Everton (A): Draw; 1-1; Salah

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