Arsenal preview with @_Chris_Hurst_

The Kop Table Interview

Peter sits down with Chris Hurst for a fans preview of the Arsenal game

What were your thoughts on Sundays performance at Bournemouth?

It was brilliant mate, no one put a foot wrong for me, its just what we needed after 2 poor results, and with Arsenal coming up it’s a welcomed confidence boost.

In Sundays game there was many candidates but who was your m.o.m?

I said during the game I though Chamberlain was outstanding, Henderson had a great game also but I’d have went with Firmino, I was sceptical at first when he came but he is brilliant his work rate in phenomenal.

Do you expect Klopp to make many changes for this game on Friday?

None I hope ( Laughs ) , I wouldn’t change a thing from Sunday, but I can see Manè coming back on maybe with Wijnaldum or Chamberlain being dropped with Coutinho moving back slightly.

Klopp doesn’t like the label of the fab 4 is he right to dislike it or should he embrace it in your opinion?

I think he should just let people call them what they like, it’s not his job to be involved in telling people what he likes or dislikes about nicknames, I’m not a fan of it myself like I’ll be honest.

Are you confident that Liverpool can get all 3 points against Arsene Wengers side on Friday?

I’m always confident until I see the starting XI but normally when we play teams that like to play we tend to do well ourselves, especially with the “Fab Four” we have ( Laughs) , Arsenal will know full well what we’re capable of so I expect a much tighter game than what we seen at Anfield but their form has been a bit up and down of late so who knows.

What is your score prediction and why?

I’m gonna go 3-1 Liverpool, Arsenal will know what we can do but stopping it is a whole different thing, I think once they try to attack it will open up an we can take full advantage of it.

Big thanks once again to Chris for taking the time out to join Peter on FOL and The Kop Table