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The Kop Table Interview

Peter interviews @JeffMagnier on all things Liverpool….

1. How would you sum up Liverpool’s season so far?

Frustrating. Starting with a bloody atrocious Summer transfer window. Getting Keita was great, but we needed a total overhaul of the defence, at the very least, and it didn’t happen. Also, some of our performances have been embarrassing, in that we expect Liverpool players to put in a certain amount of effort and there have been a few times this season when I have been left wondering if any of the players care that they are playing for Liverpool. In fairness though, more recently, we have definitely improved and you can see the difference in the players’ attitudes.

2. Who has been the best performer for Liverpool in your opinion?

Salah. He’s settled in so well and so quickly, it’s like he’s been playing with us for years. His goals and assists have been fantastic as has his work rate. In fact, he’s probably the only player exempt from my criticism of not showing the right attitude.

3. Which has been the best performance this season?

4-1 against the Hammers, in my opinion. It was great to see the change of tactics by Klopp really paying off, when we’ve been playing more of a 4-2-2-2 in attack. The first time I noticed this was against Huddersfield, which was another excellent performance as their confidence was sky high having just beaten the Man u!

4. Which has been the worst performance?

I’m torn between our total capitulation against City and our unforgivably awful display against Spurs. As Spurs was mostly individual errors, I’ll go with the loss the City. It was so bad, it annoys me just to think about it. Just because you go down to 10 men, doesn’t mean you just bend over. How many times have we played 10 men and not been able to score because they just parked the bus? To concede 5 was a total joke, even if City go on to win the league by a record margin, scoring a record number of goals on the way; our attitude was so bad, I think the whole team should’ve be fined a week’s wages.

5. Do you think Klopp will address the defensive problems by making signings in January?

Sadly, no I don’t. As far as I am aware Klopp has never signed anyone in January and unless we start going backwards again and get beaten really badly a few times between now and January, I can’t see it happening.

6. What are your hopes and expectations for the rest of the season?

That we keep improving as we have over the last few games. That Klopp continues to show a bit of adaptability. That somehow our defence miraculously becomes half decent. I think Klopp needs to get us competing for 2nd/3rd spot and comfortably qualify for the CL again. Also, a good run in the CL this season, to the semis, at least, would shut a few people up, but only if we’re really competing in the league too.

7. Who would you sell/buy in January to strengthen the squad?

If it was up to me, I concentrate solely on our defence and completely overhaul it. I’d keep TAA, Gomez, Matip, Robertson, and Moreno, but everyone else goes and that includes Karius and Migs. Klopp should then go ask Rafa who he’d buy and buy them! Seriously though, every position in defence needs an upgrade and I’d buy a proper DM, like Masch in his prime. I don’t think there’s any point in me saying who I’d buy because none of this will happen. Although, I hope Klopp proves me wrong. If we actually do business in January, I’d ditch Markovic and Ings and try and get an attacker that we’ll actually play. I’d also pay whatever it takes to get Keita in January too.

The Kop Table Interview

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