Season so far preview with @thesmigger from LFCTV

The Kop Table Interview

Peter in his latest interview is joined by Paul Smith from LFCTV.

PP: How would you sum up Liverpool`s season so far Paul?

PS: At the start optimistic. Back in the champions league- into the group stages. To great wins over Hoffenheim followed by a 4-0 thumping of Arsenal Liverpool fans where licking there lips think not a bad start. From after that international break into the City game, confidence shattered. The cracks started to appear. Questions about the same problems in defence & goalkeeper! That grey cloud was starting to appear again the solutions that wasn’t addressed in the window. In the back of your mind it was hear we go again. From then on we’ve been hit and cold defended well couldn’t score played well took the lead defended terribly. You wondered what Liverpool team would show up next  after Maribor but the confidence was back. This went straight out the window 4 days later at spurs. A good ear full from Jurgen and a big hug brings an air of optimism , a change in formation and  hopefully the red train is back on its tracks.

PP:Who has been the best performer for Liverpool in your opinion?

PS: We can look no further than Mo Salah and Sadio Mane. Mo signing of the summer so far but also credit to were credit is due and that’s another 2 Moreno and Firmino. Both have been just as good as the other two. Moreno dug himself out of that hole he was in and respect to him for doing that still needs to learn how to defend tho. Bobby has been different class worked so hard doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Long may that continue.

PP: Which has been the best Liverpool performance this season?

PS: Have to say the Hoffenheim game at home. From start to finish we were fantastic breath taking at times the football was first class. Never gave them a minutes peace. Think every reds fan after that game was hoping to see a lot more of that the balance was Quality. In the league the Arsenal game most pundits and A few said oh Arsenal were terrible sorry but we made them look very mediocre. We was just so good that day.

PP: Which has been the worst Liverpool performance?

PS: Straight away you think Spurs game. Never turned up. No effort no enthusiasm heads down after first goal got worse after 2nd. Came out second half but more fight don’t do any good. Silly school boy errors. No Voice no leadership. Could carry on. Before the game I thought big pitch could suit us take the game to Spurs. Klopp’s face said it all that day, bad day at the office

PP: Do you think Klopp will address the defensive problems by making signings in January?

PS: If we don’t we will struggle. I like every Liverpool fan is thinking we need to badly. We need to bring one or 2 CBs in early. If we don’t the month will drag on, questions will be asked again, frustration from the fans will kick in. Even if results go our way in the latter stages of the league and if we want to progress far in the CL it could be the difference on where we finish come may.

PP: What are your hopes and expectations for the rest of the season?

PS: We’re now on a bit of a run in good form. Our fixtures running up to Christmas we’ve only Chelsea at home which you would think should be our only big test looking at the rest (hoping everyone stays fit) we should do OK. If we’re still around the top 3-4 After Christmas maybe a title challenge could be within a shout. Top 4 must be our objective a good champions league run would be fantastic but not getting back into it come may will be a failure season for me.

PP: Who would you sell/buy in January to strengthen the squad?

PS: If anyone was to leave for me it will be Phil and Emre. If Phil stays till the end of the season then great but if he went I don’t think I’d miss him as much as if Mane or Salah went. Emre it’s all about the Contrcat talks I like Emre but he can be replaced. Maybe a few fringe players might go out on loan. I cant see any oyher first team players leaving Not even Lovern 🤣. CBs as I’ve said is a must spent so long persuing VVD he would be great in January. Gimenez would be a great addition. After the summer circus who knows what January will be.

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