Season so far interview with @Anfield _Talk

The Kop Table Interview

Peter sits down an talks all things LFC with @Anfield _Talk

1. How would you sum up Liverpool`s season so far?

Frustrating but nowhere as near as bad as some are making out. We keep paying for the most basic of individual mistakes over and over again. If not for these then we would probably be second in the League and already qualified out of our CL group.

2. Who has been the best performer for Liverpool in your opinion?

Mohammed Salah – new player, branded a flop once before in this league…to make the impact he has…simply unreal

3. Which has been the best performance LFC this season?

Hoffenheim at home – total football at times with one unreal team goal (scored by Can) simply off the charts.

4. Which has been the worst LFC performance?

Spurs away – a tad obvious – but again but for the unforced basic baby-like errors, Spurs were really not that much better than us.

5. Do you think Klopp will address the defensive problems by making signings in January?

You would hope so. Saints will hopefully sell VVD as they themselves need money to bring some goals to their own team. All that said he

6. What are your hopes and expectations for the rest of the season?

I still think 2nd is up for grabs – need to cut out basic errors. Going forward we are as good as anybody in Europe and also seem to have learnt to get results against the lesser teams. Spurs, Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal are by no means better than us. Keeping Mane and Salah fit may well be the key.

7. Who would you sell/buy in January to strengthen the squad?

┬áSell – Lovren, Can, Mignolet – buy Leno or Oblak, Fast forward Keita or buy Rabiot and of course VVD. Longer term sell Sturridge too and buy Werner from RBL.