Behind The Badge: Liam Togher

Behind the Badge

Name: Liam Togher
Supported club: Liverpool
How long: Since 1995
What began the support: A lad in a pub told me about their esteemed history. That, and not wanting to conform to everyone else my age supporting Man U!
Why have you stuck with them: The belief that, one day, we will win the Premier League.
Best thing about supporting them: Feeling like part of a community of LFC supporters, regardless of where they are from.
Greatest memory: Istanbul 2005
What makes your club special to you: Its history, what it stands for, the manner in which it is supported.
Best player: Kenny Dalglish (all time), Fernando Torres (since I became a fan)
Worst memory: Losing that 3-0 lead against Crystal Palace in 2014 when the title was in sight.
First shirt: 1994/95 home (Adidas kit with the stripes across the ribcage)

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