Behind The Badge: Peter Phillips

Behind the Badge


Peter Phillips

Supported club

I have supported Liverpool since I was old enough to remember so around 35 years. I went to my 1st match aged 3 with my dad in the old kop at Anfield.

I was born into a family of Liverpool fans so it was the only going to go one way. My dad went every game home and away so once I was old enough he started taking me so I was hooked from the first game.

I have stuck with Liverpool as once you support a club like them you don’t change your mind. With all the history and the romance that goes with supporting a club like them it becomes ingrained in your everyday life and it’s never far from your thoughts.

Best thing about supporting LFC

The best way to describe the best thing about supporting the club is there is never a dull moment. We are one of the great institutions of British football and over the years have provided the country some of the most impressive and dynamic football you will ever see.

The club is also so family orientated that all the fans feel that they are part of the club and if you have ever been to Anfield and stood on the Kop for a European game believe me you would not hesitate to return.

Greatest Memory

There are lots of memorable occasions and I could probably write a book on them but if I had to choose one I would have to say the 2005 European cup final in Istanbul for obvious reasons. We was dead and buried at half time so to come back and win that game is something no football fan will ever forget.

Another great memory of mine is standing at the very front of the Spion Kop with my mates in the very last game before it was knocked down. We played against Norwich and although we lost 1-0 it was a fantastic occasion an we even got in the Daily Star newspaper middle page spread.

I remember my mate bunking off school to go to the ground to get us tickets and we all covered for him saying he had a dentist appointment! He got one of his uncles to write him a letter the next day which worked out fine and he got his mark!

It was an unbelievable day and we must have stayed 2-3 hours after the final whistle just sing and waving our flags, people were chipping up the concrete for mementos and some even tried to take the bars down with not much luck!

What makes the club so special

Everything about Liverpool Football is special, the stadium, the history, the all Red kit and the list goes on !

For me though the most special thing about the club is the fans, they support the club in their droves both home and away and they are like having a 12th man when you play at Anfield.

Best Player

Again there are many players to choose from so I’ll do a top three in reverse order.

In 3rd I`d say Alan Hansen , he was such a great defender and elegant on the ball . He won many titles with Liverpool and stands as of the greats that have graced the Anfield turf.

In 2nd I would say Steven Gerrard , he epitomised everything about the club as a player , the passion, determination , the drive everything you want as a captain and he would have been number 1 had he have won the league title which he came so close to doing. He was simply a fantastic footballer who could have played for any club in the world had he choose to do so but he remained loyal to the club he followed as a boy.

In 1st I`d have to say “The King” Kenny Dalglish , he was a sublime footballer , with vision , creativity , passion , skill and another one with the heart of a lion and a will to win that was second to none. He even won league titles as player manager so he will be my greatest LFC player of all time

Worst memory

It would have to be the 1989 season when we lost the final game 2-0 to Arsenal. We only needed a point to win the league and on that night we played for a draw by passing round the back for all night only to be stung by Arsenal and a certain Michael Thomas who scored the winning goal in front of the stunned LFC fans and the delirious Gunners fans  behind the goal.

First Shirt

My 1st shirt was the old Red/White  pinstripe kit as a baby with no sponsor on and if I still had it I would have a antique on my hands!

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