West Ham v Liverpool Fan Preview with Thomas Head @STAR_LFC

Fan Predictions
 Peter Phillips Interviews Liverpool fan Thomas Head about this week’s coming fixture.

 1. It was a good 3 points on Saturday after a poor start to the game, what are your thoughts on the performance of the team?

Firstly it was much needed!!  After the horrendous display at the back against Spurs. It was a massive relief. However the first half we had no real tempo, poor in the middle of the park and couldn’t get a hold of the game. Second half was much better however it essentially came down to a bad judgement from Tommy Smith’s head that gifted us. Honestly, if that didn’t happen I could see the game going 0-0. Lovren’s misfortunes being “injured” was in fact a blessing. There were not many panic issues at the back which was a nice change.

2. Daniel Sturridge scored his 100th goal and had a good game, should he be rested against Maribor and saved for the West Ham game next weekend?

I don’t see why not. But I really don’t like having Bobby on the wing. It’s more about accommodating our best players. No point in rotation unless we have already qualified. I would like to see a front 2 opting for a 442 – Daniel and Bobby upfront see how it pans out. Hopefully this goal (100 for Liverpool) can kick-start Daniel as he’s not scoring enough.

3. After Mo Salah missed the pen on Saturday should Milner if he’s playing take pens?

If it’s not broke then why change it? I understand he’s just put his home nation into the World Cup but we do have James Milner who has the same goal to miss ratio than the great AlaShearerer. But we have Roberto Firmino who doesn’t miss either. I was livid when he walked up to take it. Didn’t look confident at all. Body shape was wrong. Saying that if it nestled in the top bin, it would have been a masterclass from Klopp. It didn’t cost us this time but, I wouldn’t change it.

4. We obviously have a CL game on Wednesday so do you think we’ll see two different starting lineups or will Klopp want to keep the momentum going?

We can’t afford to rest anyone, we tried that the last time against Madrid and benched Gerard in 2014. Didn’t work out too well. Klopp has this rotation of the keepers for cup activities, Klavan over Lovren – I have no amount of sympathy over that situation. It a massive game. I know we beat them 7-0 but we really need to win this.

5. Which players from West Ham do you think have the ability to cause us problems?

Well, they’re kind of doing well and were unlucky at the weekend conceding a late goal. I like little Lanzini but Ayew is their danger man for me. Keep both quiet and we should be fine. I don’t like playing West Ham, we don’t normally do well against them, but this season is a little different and we are losing points against the better teams, and winning against the less so. Polar opposite to last season. With that said we should hypothetically do better than last year (wishful thinking).

6. Score prediction and why?

I predict that we will win this game 2-0 with the reasons being that West Ham’s confidence will be on the floor and it will hang over the team and the crowd. If we score early we may even get more but I’ll stick to 2-0.


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