Roopa Reflects: Another poor performance puts dampener on league campaign ahead of the international break

Roopa Reflects

Last time I said it was a terrible time for the international break given the form Liverpool were on, but now it’s the complete opposite as we all need a break from the poor performances we have been subjected to this past month.

Before the last break, the Reds had come off the back of a 4-2 win at Anfield over Hoffenheim in the Champions League and a 4-0 league thrashing against Arsenal. Since they returned to club football, they have only had one win in seven games. SEVEN. GAMES.

Loss, draw, draw, loss, win, draw, draw. It’s frustrating to say the least. Of those seven games, two were at home and they were both draws.

Tell me to be more positive. I am probably one of the most positive people you’ll come across in the entire Liverpool fan base, I know too well that one result does not define a season and we must always take things one game at a time. However, I am also aware that a team like Liverpool should not be struggling against teams like Burnley and Leicester City and questions have to be asked.

I recently wrote about how Jürgen Klopp is not immune from criticism and that those calling for his head need to give theirs a wobble. I stand by that, because those calling for his head fail to understand that the summer window has long closed and nothing can be done at this moment in time in terms of transfers. Yes, the Reds need a new centre-back. Yes, they could also do with a fresh midfielder. But more recently, issues have arisen in other areas of the pitch.

On Sunday against Newcastle, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah both failed to impress. The only player that looked the part was Philippe Coutinho, who put the Reds ahead with a finely placed free-kick. Other than that, Gini Wijnaldum looked poor, Jordan Henderson was nothing special and the defence was a shambles as per.

Following this break, Liverpool face Manchester United, Maribor in the Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur and Huddersfield Town to see out the month of October. Klopp will have to consider rotating the squad again to ensure the Reds do not fall down against United, else all hell will break loose on Twitter.

The Champions League campaign has been disappointing if anything, and Loris Karius’ poor performance against Spartak Moscow makes me wonder whether Klopp will allow Danny Ward some time between the sticks as the Reds did not progress in the League Cup.

Alberto Moreno’s statement telling his haters to do one has backfired on him as well. Yes, he has improved over the summer but he has literally not done anything special yet, and he is likely to regret that statement when he is dropped for Andy Robertson if Klopp gets some sense knocked into him.

I honestly want to be positive and say that I can see Liverpool take three points from United next Saturday, but I can’t. They have a side that can defend, they have a solid midfield and firepower up front. Despite the pace on the wings, Liverpool will always concede – that is inevitable. At the moment, all we can do is hope that we score more – as stupid as it sounds.

Roopa Vyas

Welsh Liverpool fan who travels home and away for the Reds.

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