Huddersfield v Liverpool: Fan Interview with Ben from TerriersTV

Fan Predictions

TerriersTV interview for The Kop Table with Peter Phillips

My name is Ben, I’m 16 years old and I’m a Huddersfield Town vlogger on Youtube, I go to as many games I can and hope to complete all the competitive games this season, so far so good.

1. Huddersfield this week saw the departure of David Moss the head of football operations what was the reasoning behind it and did it come as a surprise to you?

Not a clue as to the reasoning behind it, club released a statement as mutual consent, hasn’t been in the job very long so yes, it was a big shock.

2. How impressed have you been with the start the Terriers have made to life in the Premier league?

Extremely impressed, from the first 2 games winning them both, impressive draws and some losses which we expect. But the win against man united was amazing.

3. Your manager David Wagner is obviously a fan favourite and has been linked with other teams, tell us a bit about him and how important it is that he is successful at Huddersfield?

From my point of view, obviously Wagner was Klopp’s number 2 at Dortmund but I think he (Wagner) was the tactician of the team. I think Huddersfield are more successful with the 4-2-3-1 gegenpressing system than Liverpool are. He arrived from Dortmund II in November 2015 and got a few decent results at first when he took over but they soon dried out and we comfortably stayed up but we did come close. He signed quite a few players on a low budget and got us promoted. And we all love him.

4. Who are the danger men that Liverpool should be wary of on Saturday?

Steve Mounié if he is playing, and Christopher Schindler. He’s an absolute rock.

5. What will be described as a good season in the eyes of Huddersfield fans?

Most Huddersfield fans aren’t really bothered what we do this season as it is such a monumental achievement being promoted after being in League 2 in 2004. For me, I agree with most fans but we just can’t not criticise the team after a poor performance just because we’ve made it to the premier league. From the outset I’ve said 17th and I’d be happy. But if we do go down and we go with a fight it would be easier to take!

6. What is your score prediction and why?

2-2, a high scoring game as we both use the same system, Liverpool looking for a result as they aren’t doing particularly well at the moment.

Big thanks to Ben from TerriersTV Vlog for the interview.