Magnificent Seven : Premier League Home Kits

This is the fourth of a weekly series titled “The Magnificent Seven”. Every week we’ll be taking a look at almost everything regarding Liverpool, ranked in a top seven. In this edition we’ll be looking at the seven best Liverpool kits of the Premier League era. There were some absolute disgraces of clothing that Liverpool players have had to wear in these last 25 years but some have actually been pretty decent.

7 – 2012/2013 (Home)

Warrior’s first crack at the whip. Not much optimism initially surrounded Liverpool’s switch from Adidas to Warrior as fans had nearly nothing from which to base their judgement. The relative inexperience of the brand had some people thinking that all hell could break loose but fears were soon put to rest. Opting for a retro look that resembled the team of yesteryear, Warrior got it right. Simplicity seemed to be the main objective of the kit with nothing outlandish wrestling the red for the spotlight; the collar was a nice touch as well. The 2012/2013 season was when the golden Liverbird returned to the crest in place of the traditional club logo. A brave move that turned out to be an inspired one.

6 – 1996/1997 (Home)

If you are a collector of Liverpool memorabilia, the 90’s were not kind to you in the kit department. However, the one Reebok was able to churn out in 1996 stood out from the rest. A simple red strip with white stripes around the collar and sleeve was rounded off with a controversial oval badge. Not without its problems, but undoubtedly the best the decade had to offer.

5 – 2010/2011 (Third)

Not a colour scheme we’ve been able to see too often. It might not be most people’s favourite but I think the black and yellow mix together pretty well. One thing I think we can all agree on however, is to forget that season as soon as possible.

4 – 2008/2009 (Away)

If the last colour scheme was rare, this one is a myth. It feels weird to think we actually had a grey kit. And it’s even stranger to think that it actually worked. One of, if not the best Liverpool side of the Premier League era wore this kit and I think it’s fitting. I like the strip but it’s not one I would want to see every season. Thus if one team gets to wear it, Rafa’s men of 08/09 deserve the honour.

3 – 2015/2016 (Away)

Why can’t we have a kit like this every year? In one of the more forgettable seasons of our club’s history, New Balance served up Liverpool’s best away kit of the Premier League Era. A white strip with red font, red marks one the collar and sleeves, and a red Liverbird. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t try to be. The only problem with this kit is I can’t picture it without being reminded of the 3-1 loss at Old Trafford.

2 – 2007/2008 (Home)

My best years as a Liverpool fan were spent with this familiar Adidas look on the home kits. The 2007 edition however saw the inclusion of a collar which gave the 2 white lines on the front a natural destination to flow to. The trademark 3 white stripes on the sleeves are found in this strip as well. And it may just be me but the Carlsberg logo fit the Adidas kits much better than Standard Chartered ever did.

1 – 2017/2018 (Home)

Okay I am cheating a little bit since this season hasn’t even started yet, but the players did wear this for the last game of the 2016/17 campaign so I think it meets the requirements. Plus, have you seen this kit? I’m not one to usually spend my money on each year’s new shirts but I simply couldn’t resist this one. Celebrating the club’s 125th year anniversary, New Balance designed something that I will go out on a limb and describe as flawless. The darker shade of the red similarly to the 2012/13 kit, is a throwback to yesteryear (though for different reasons) and it looks magnificent. Great kits haven’t always been matched by great seasons. However, there’s plenty of reason to believe that next season could be just that. With no key players set to leave, and a whole host of quality players set to join and share this glorious kit with each other; there’s plenty of reasons to be excited. Here’s to a great 125th year Liverpool Football Club!


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