Jurgen Klopp is Ready for the Grand National

Jurgen Klopp

Everyone is getting excited for the soon to be held Grand National, in which millions are expected to bet on and be tuned into. As the date of the Grand National gets closers, even footballers and managers like our beloved Jurgen Klopp are starting to make their bets. Last year, Klopp announced on the Liverpool website that he drew 66-1 outsider Vics Canvas in the team’s sweepstake, but since this horse has pulled out for 2017’s event, it will be interesting to see who he will back.

Getting to Know the Contenders

Out of the 40 horses slated to compete in the 2017 Grand National, only one is a sure favourite at this very moment. Vieux Lion Rouge is expected to best the competition, having given nothing short of a tight, clean and consistent performance this season. Definitely Red and Blaklion are also expected to have many fans cheering them. It seems that youth is triumphing experiencing this year’s race with a group of somewhat young horses providing betters with the most favourable odds.

Changes In Odds

A last minute injury to either a rider or a horse can completely change the betting field, and this is exactly what makes the Grand National race so exciting. Unfortunately, some racers will also pull their horses from the race if they don’t think that the odds are in their favour, as seen with Vics Canvas, Klopp’s horse in late March of this year. With more preliminary races coming up in the days before the 2017 Grand National, the odds will continue to change. This means that it is a good idea to spread your bets out over a few different horses rather than proverbially putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Knowing the Course

When Klopp first started working in the UK, he had no idea what The Grand National was. But, with James Milner’s help he has now become as knowledgeable about the race as most people born in Britain. For those who don’t know, the Grand National is to be held at the Aintree Racecourse, just outside of Liverpool. The steeplechase based event spans just over 6 kilometres, mixing sharp turns and hurdles of various heights. This course is not only challenging for the horses and riders to navigate, but also highly entertaining for spectators. Just a small number of tickets are still available for the event as many faithful fans from near and far turn out to watch the Grand National live, year after year.

Leading Up to the Event

Owners, handlers and jockeys alike will be watching their horses with a keen eye up until moments before the anxiously awaited 2017 Grand National. Despite having been trained their entire lives for a moment like this, there are just certain unexpected developments that you can’t be prepared for. While a highly favourited horse may end up coming in last place, it is not uncommon for a more experienced horse and jockey and horse team to best the competition and pull a win seemingly out of thin air. Whether you have a front row seat or plan to get the best odds for Grand National, guaranteed with William Hill, don’t forget to pay attention to the entire pack and give your full support to your favourite horse. We’re sure the Liverpool team will be doing the same.

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