Who should be the third man in Liverpool’s midfield?

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Seeing that Liverpool remain in just the Premier League I feel it is critical for Liverpool and Klopp to find a starting 11 which he can start in all his remaining fixtures. Liverpool have chopped and changed recently due to fixture demands and haven’t had a set of players who have played as a unit for a run of games.

This article focuses on the third man in the midfield for the Reds. In this case, I am debating on who should start between Gini Wijnaldum and Emre Can. This has been a never-ending saga since the start of the season. It’s pretty certain that Jordan Henderson is going to occupy the Number 6 slot for Liverpool as the Liverpool captain has been sensational this season, and one can’t look past Adam Lallana in the forward thinking role that makes up the three.

At the beginning on the season many Liverpool fans were sure that Henderson-Wijnaldum-Lallana were going to be the trio which we would roll with for the season but Klopp had other ideas. One could have said that Wijnaldum was only in the team because Can was injured. This is because as soon as the German returned he was thrown into the starting 11. This showed Klopp’s love for his fellow countryman.

This was then recently changed as Can had a dip in form and Liverpool seemed too static in their play whenever Can and Henderson played together. This opinion was voiced quite vocally by some Liverpool fans and pundits who said that Can had no future at Liverpool and that he was a “Jack Of All Trades” but a “Master of None.” This resulted in a recall for Wijnaldum. This move had an instant impact, Gini scoring against Manchester City, Chelsea and having a stellar game recently against Spurs.

So what does Gini have over Can? Well for starters Gini is a bit more intricate with his passing where as Can takes a little bit time on the ball and, truth be told, isn’t as technically gifted as Wijnaldum in my opinion. As I said, whenever Can and Henderson play together then it is a very conservative set up and Liverpool lacks the extra body in the attack which they would normally have with the presence of Wijnaldum.

So who should Liverpool line up with? Henderson-Gini-Lallana or Henderson-Can-Lallana? Well, as ever the decision will be Klopp’s! But who do you think fits the Klopp way- Gini Wijnaldum or Emre Can?

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