No January signings may haunt Liverpool

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After yet another extremely disappointing weekend for Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp was once again the centre of attention as many fans vented their frustration.

The German has in previous weeks taken the blame and responsibility for his team’s poor run of form, but this weekend’s loss at Hull proved different. He instead placed the accountability on his failing players, demanding that they ‘wake up’ in light of their recent struggles.

The game at the KC proved once more that some of the players really aren’t cut out for Klopp’s physical and mental demands, begging the question as to why he didn’t strengthen his resources when he had the chance.

A goalkeeper must surely be on his wanted list as the current two at the club are fighting for the same position, where neither has shown the ability and desire to keep that position for a consistent string of games. His defenders are too often caught in the wrong, while his attacking options seem to have lost their knack of scoring goals, and even creating chances.

His choice of Roberto Firmino in a leading role up front has backfired all too often this season, while keeping the likes of Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge for the last few minutes of vital games cannot be good for the confidence of a striker.

It really is a strange situation, yet one Liverpool are familiar with, where they can take points off teams above them in the table yet fall at the final hurdle with lower opposition. Maybe the players are much more inspired when up against world class talent at Man United and Chelsea, or maybe complacency sneaks in against the likes of Hull. One thing that is certain though is that this attitude is, as Klopp said, is unacceptable when playing football for such an historic club and at this level.

The fans of this successful club demand high standards week in week out, regardless of their opposition. Their losses up and down the country haven’t helped the anger felt by many fans, yet their results at home have caused an almost irreparable damage. Anfield was once a venue where away teams showed paramount respect to their opposition, which doesn’t seem to be the case at all in these past few months.

A complete lack of signings in the recent transfer window has sparked irritation and disappointment among those who feel the current squad is inadequate. These frustrated few do indeed have some grounds for their feelings, as too many players haven’t stepped up when their club needs them the most.

Klopp has however received unjust criticism lately due to the fact that it certainly takes time to build the right squad and have the exact players that he feels can bring the club success. He also had such a positive first year in charge, a factor which must be considered when fans vent their anger. However, as history shows, many clubs do not wait around in searching for the right man to lead their team.

There have been countless sackings throughout English football this season, including a few Premier League managerial casualties, and so the ruthless nature of football truly comes to light during these times.

Klopp is certainly in no danger of getting removed from his posts, and fans must realize this and give him time to find his feet in a frantic league. He has had an extremely positive impact on thousands around Anfield, and the majority of them know that the club will improve in the weeks to come.

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