Georginio Wijnaldum to Join Liverpool

Georginio Wijnaldum

Liverpool FC look set for the start of August after confirming they’ve signed a £25m deal for Netherlands born Georginio Wijnaldum. The attacking midfielder has made quite a name for himself over the years, with over 30 caps for his home team to his name. Add to that his signing to Newcastle United in 2015 being an historic one due to it being the largest transfer fee under Mike Ashley, and the player has a provocative career history that understandably makes him desirable.

Fans who have been following the news will undoubtedly be aware that Newcastle only bought Wijnaldum last year, and had him sign a five year contract. Unfortunately, the introduction of such a big money teammate didn’t prevent the team from being relegated, and in turn this has led to Wijnaldum wanting to seek out Premier League status once more, which in turn has worked to the Reds advantage.

Having heard the rumours confirmed that Joe Allen, one of Liverpool FC’s better players, has now accepted a bid to move to Stoke City, Liverpool will need to bolster their midfield even more. Not to mention that the money they have managed to secure from selling Allen (approximately £13m) will go a long way to level out the cost of buying Wijnaldum. There has been further speculation that a team member may move from Liverpool to Newcastle as part of the £25m deal, but as of yet nothing has been found to confirm or deny this.

With a lot of new signings, it looks like Liverpool will be on track to continue striving to make it all the way to top place next season, which is why Coral, arguably leaders in their field, are waiting with bated breath as transfer news keeps being added online. There is a well known inside joke that the team always harps on about how this year will be the year they win (every season), but with large signings like Wijnaldum it could well be the case this time round. Last season the Reds finished sixth which, while not the greatest position, was still well within the top ten, therefore showing they have what it takes to make it, they simply need better focus and new tactics.

Even if you’re not a Liverpool FC fan, there is no feasible way not to be curious and somewhat excited at the thought of what Wijnaldum could bring to the team – he can either be an oncoming storm that other teams dread, or a flash in the pan for them. We suspect the former, but only the new season will prove us right or wrong.


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